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  2003-12-28 Suspicious kittens  
  The kittens are not totally convinced that the food served may indeed be aten. This particular kitten waited for Emma to taste some of it, to ensure that she would survive eating the strange food, bearing no resemblance to milk whatsoever. Emma survived, and the kitten dared to taste the new stuff. But mummys milk is a dish very hard to beat. Hmmm... itīs not always easy to understand kittens; they do not hesitate to taste the sand in the litter box, but are hard to persuade to taste food...                  
  And after a meal a short nap is in order, no matter how crowded it may be. Nenne gave one of the red point males a straight left (uppercut?), and the kitten was (almost) knocked out.
  2003-12-24 Kittens divided in a colour matched way between mummys 
  Nenne has finally begun helping Tintin with the kittens. The both mummys are very concerned with the fact that the kittens gad about at all times. They carry the kittens back to the cushions over and over, but the kittens are very strong-headed, and I would put my money on the kittens as the winners in this battle of wills.
  2003-12-22 Watch cat  
  Tintin allows some of the other cats to visit her kittens, and Emma is one of them. She is an excellent watch cat, and we suppose Tintin has realized our dog's limited skills as a watch dog, and hired Emma as one instead.
Darling Emma is a great favourite.

The kittens are fond of the cuddly cat with the strange looks...
  2003-12-15 Taking a group picture of the kittens is a mission impossible; we know after trying some hundreds times.

Nenne visiting the kittens a very short while. We got our hopes up, and thought that she would finally help Tintin with the kittens. But no, Nenne only kissed the kittens, satisfied with having introduced herself.

Not that the best mother ever, Tintin, needs any help, she manages all by herself. A volontary babysitter is however our dog Skipper - he runs to the kittens when hearing the slightest sound. Then he just stands there staring at them. We wonder if he maybe mistakes them for birds and waits for the command to retrieve them...
  2003-12-13 Beautiful Lucia Day celebrators  
  Two of the boys - both seem to be red point. Large, so absolutely handsome, very promising having their father's good looks.
  The whole gang (four males). The kittens are beginning to move around - they no longer spend all their time eating and sleeping, but are also enjoying other activities, such as slow motion wrestling and staggering walks.
  2003-12-12 Greetings from Misty  
  Vilken svans! Ljusskygg Kali och sovande Misty
  Nenne's daughter Misty is a madcap and dare-devil, who does not keep still many seconds at a time. She retrieves large sticks, she has killed more potted plants than I care to remember, she practices both sprinting and marathon, she wrestles with her siamese friend Kali, and she raises the dogs. Here she shows her new hobby: disco dancing. We don't think that we need to say how very proud we are of her, she is a true siamese: active, curious, cuddly and ingenious. And beautiful too, on top of all ;-)

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