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Nenne is the only one of our cats who has visited a few shows:

Date Place Result Judge Comments
2001-11-10 Stockholm Ex1, NOM, BIS Claire Couthino My first ever cat show, and I did not understand much at all; all of a sudden people started applauding and congratulated me...?
2002-02-16 Jakobsberg Ex1 Solveig Mellberg Pooh! Finally grasping this and that of shows, I of course expected another BIS... ;-) But someone else was (even) more beautiful than Nenne...
2002-03-24 Järfälla Ex2 Eric Reijers Different bodyparts grow at different speeds :-)
2002-04-20 Västerås CAC Milcent Francoise Way to go...only 20 certs to go...