*******      Changes to the site     *********

2003-12-30 Four lovely kittens for sale!

2003-11-15 The "By the way..." page, what else? It is crowded both here and there: in front of the computer, in front of the fire place, in front of the radiators, check out photos of the crowds.

2003-11-07 The "By the way..." page, again. The translations kind of lag behind a little... Also, check out the new page "Temporary guests" (See link)! We unfortunately do not have photographs of all our temporary guests, but some of them are however presented.

2003-10-18 The "by the way..." page. Kittens for sale-page and litters-page.

2003-10-11 Mimmi has left us, and moved to Linus in dog's heaven. The "by the way..." page.

2003-10-07 The "by the way..." page.

2003-09-20 Both kittens have found their new homes, and the kittens-for-sale-page has been updated accordingly. New links! There are several breeders, so nice and willing to help,  and we have added links to the homepages of a handful of them. New pictures of our firstborn kittens on the "by-the-way"-page.

2003-09-13 The kittens for sale-page, new pictures of the gorgeous kittens. The "By-the-way"-page.

2003-08-29  Our first born kittens have, of course, new names, see Litters. New link, find your breed!

2003-08-26 The kittens are growing fast, see pictures on the "By the way..." page.

2003-08-25 Kittens for sale again, see kittens for sale! Two handsome females, both blue point.

2003-08-10 The "By the way..." page updated. New picture on the first page. A new page: litters at SeeSoo.

2003-07-31 Think I finally have translated all pages! (puuh..). "The latest..." page updated. No kittens for sale right now, so the kittens for sale page has been updated.

2003-07-22 More pages translated ("Shows" for example)! Soon half-way through...

2003-07-18 Several pages has been translated into english! Or rather, the pages have been (re)written in English, sometimes the translation became too difficult, and that is why the texts in the different languages are not truly identical.