Boman, alias "Linus", golden retriever (born April 1989, died October 2000)

e Fernavy Demetrius, u Apports Surprice

"One more dog? Are you crazy, we already have a dog?", was my first reaction when Linus as a subject first came up. We met him anyway, and took him on trial for a few weeks. Linus was over four years old then, and used to strolling about on his own. We decided to keep him, a decision I have never regretted! He was the beginning of my great love for the breed. But his independence was really, really trying! I was not used to having a dog disappering when unleashed, and once we even had to pick him up at the police-station. Most embarrassing and annoying! I began the obedience training, and at long last I got him to understand that he had to stay within sight. The obediance training continued and he was about six years old when we entered our first obedience competition, and did quite well :-) He was retired from competitions in 1999, due to stiff limbs. In October 2000 we had to put him to sleep, he had cancer and was very sick, lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. It was the worst and hardest decision I have ever had to make.