"Our" Kattvärnet-cats

Now and then, we enjoy the company of cats from Kattvärnet (a society for the prevention of cruelty to cats). The cats need food and accomodation until new owners have been found, and we help out whenever we have the possibility. Here some of them are presented.

Kalle och Silvia



Kalle and Silvia, adorable kittens, that unfortunately could not stay with their mother until they were 12 weeks old. The owner of the mother got tired of the kittens when they were only 6 weeks old, and threatened to get rid of them in a not so nice way. 






Ella, Emelie, Eskil and Emil were found sitting in a cardboard in the vicinity of a parking place. The finders contacted Kattvärnet and these absolutely wonderful kittens stayed with us for about six to ten weeks, before their new masters/mistresses were found.



Hampus och Eskil


Hampus (to the right) and Eskil. Hampus was supposed to be a temporary guest, but was (and still is) such wonderful neuter, just as kind as a golden retriever and just as cuddly as a siamese... We simply could not let go of him. In this photo he demonstrates his skills as a stepfather, he is a true darling with kittens.






Simon had lived outdoors for several years when we fetched him. He was terrified of people, and was in a bad shape. The antibiotics did not help, he just got worse, and after about a week we had to put him to sleep. So sad, he was about 5-7 years old, but at least he did not have to suffer in the cold winter (2000).





Angelika is the toughest cat I have ever met! She had been thrown out/left behind, not more than five-six months old, but no sorrows, no worries troubled her! A true "happy-go-lucky" soul. She trusted people anyway, and was not the least bit afraid of other cats, nor dogs. Then she also considered herself to be the center of the earth :-) She lived here for about three-four weeks before moving to a family with children, cats and dogs. That was a perfect match - she loves the company.