Tintin i fönstret

S*Yahtzee’s Rebel Yell, SIA h, female, born 2002-10-14
e S*Yahtzee’s New York Ranger, SIA b21
u Legsby Yahtzeerebel, SIA e

(alias ”Tintin”)

After much thought, lots of "should we really", we finally decided to add yet another cat to our herd of cats. Tara, the mother of Tintin, is a lovely cat who I completely fell in love with, and Sune, the father of Tintin, is a handsome heartbreaker, most social and enjoyable. A kitten with these parents cannot be less than perfect, I thought.  And Tintin is really perfect, maybe not in a show judge´s opinion, but who cares? She is always kind, never fights with other cats and she is quite fond of hearing her own voice. This little lady came in heat for the first time only five months of age, and yelled day and night with her loud voice - scaring neighbours, us, the dogs and almost herself... Tintin is - when not in heat :-) - a very nice cat, cuddly, active and talkative  – truly a siamese. 


Tintin ser rätt stolt ut, sittande på högtalaren Mamma Tara med Tintin och kullsyskon
            Tintin 7 months                                                       Tara with Tintin and brother and sisters

Tintin i tyggrottan