Sanna, b. march 1994

Sanna was bought mainly as a company for Emma, and she turned out to be a scared and insecure cat, who does not get on well with the other cats. I suppose she would be most happy as a lonely cat, but I cannot part from her - she is a friend of mine! Sanna is in her sunniest mood when she is outdoors, and since she is the only one of our cats who has figured out how to open the cat-door from the inside even when it is in the position "open in/closed out", she is out much more than the rest of them. Sanna may spit and growl at the other cats, but they are not that impressed with her, they just seem to shrug their shoulders and ignore her. Sanna may from time to time be very cuddly, but she absolutely refuses to share a lap with any other cat - if another cat wants to sit in the lap Sanna runs away angrily. When being outdoors, she stays near the house and always within sight. And when we are walking the dogs she may well tag along, keeping her distance though and pretending not to know the uncool lot of ours... ;-)