Nenne i fönstret

S*Yahtzee’s Cool As Neneh, SIA n, female, b. 2001-05-26
e IC S*Yahtzee’s Killer Koo, SIA a
u S*Yahtzee's Kallaloo, SIA n
(alias ”Nenne”)

Sometime in the early 1990's I read a book by Doreen Tovey, "Cats in the Belfry", in which the author describes her first siamese cats. I read it, roaring with laughter and naturally I also wanted a siamese cat. Reading the breed description made me convinced that the siamese cat is a dog person's natural cat choice, but still I did not end up with a siamese. My dear boyfriend did not like the siamese look at all ("Ugly and far too slender") and besides they were so unreliable and inbred, in his opinion. So we bought a domestic cat, and a domestic cat is better than no cat, I thought. After many, many years (or so it felt) the boyfriend started to soften, and in the summer of 2001 I finally got my siamese! A sealpoint beauty from Joanna Dickinson (S*Yahtzee's). Nenne is a most typical siamese, but we were still amazed that a cat could be so very social in a dog kind of way. Nenne wants to (or rather demands to) be part of any action going on, she likes to sleep under the duvet,  to crawl up under sweaters, she talks with a deep voice and always replies politely. She is not as reliable retriever as a golden retriever, but she would easily obtain a pass from a judge in an obedience competition ;-) The siamese turned out to be just the perfect breed for me, it is an active, social and most enjoyable cat. Besides, her deep blue eyes melts my heart completely! If she is spoilt? Be sure of that, spoilt like a queen!

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