Mimmi, mixed breed (springer spaniel/spitz) born February 1986, died october 2003

Always kind, always happy, Mimmi was a totally uncomplicated dog. She was the best ever for introducing cats, not used to dogs, to dogs, and she taught several scared puppies that other dogs could be nice to be around and socialise with.  A dog with lots of Finnish "sisu" (or seesoo, as it is pronounced :-)) and a strong heart! We participated in lots of different courses and tried out a little of everything, but obedience and tracking was our favourites. She was really reliable in finding the articles on the route taken by the tracklayer. Still at the age of seventeen she retrived  articles happily, leaped away with the tail wagging in a typical spaniel-way.  :-) The last years she took the liberty to do forbidden things, she begged in an ever increasingly cheekier way, she demanded to be lifted into the car instead of jumping in herself, she stole candy from tabels when we were not looking (and a dog of this age really should be pampered! I admit to having winked at more and more of her acts of folly :-)) She recovered from a cerebral hemorrage at the age of fifteen, and  got through an eye operation, almost 17 years of age. She was strong and had a strong heart, and tagged along for long walks all her life. In september 2003 she probably got another cerebral hemorrage, her body would not obey her, she staggered and swayed and could not always get up. We waited for little over a week to see if she would recover. But she just got worse, and we had to put her to sleep. The grief and loss cannot be described by words.


Mimmi tar det coolt


Mimmi och ung Nenne