Dog related links                                                                      

Goldenklubben The swedish breed club for golden retriever. Information about the golden retriever, breeders, different activities etc.

Svenska spaniel- och retrieverklubben Information, field trials, courses etc.

Hunddata The Swedish Kennel Club Organisation (SKK) administers a register over all registered dogs in Sweden. You may seek for a certain dog, see test results for that dog, parental information, dog show results, owner and breeder information etc.

Svenska Brukshundklubben Educates dog owners, arranges competitions and more.

Find the right breed A bunch of links, where you answer a lot of questions like preferred dog size, coat length, temperament etc. The breed selector suggests a breed for you, based on the answers. Also a link for choosing cat breed.


Cat related links

Kattvärnet A society for the prevention of cruelty to cats.

Siames- och Orientalgruppen A Swedish breed club dedicated to Balinese, Javanese, Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese cats.

Top Cat Club A FIFe-associated cat club.

S*Yahtzee's The breeder of Nenne and Tintin, always answering all stupid (and possibly non-stupid occasionally) questions of mine with great patience.

There are several nice and competent breeders in Sweden, take a look at the homepages of a bunch of them:
S*Jackpott's (Adorable siamese cats and orientals)
S*Zarkesha's (Beautiful siamese cats, cuddly norweigan forest cats and as an extra bonus: domestic cat)
S*Fursten's (Simply lovely siamese cats, and a really, really large rottweiler :-))