Emma, b. march 1993

We are truly more dog persons than cat people, but we nevertheless began the search for a cat to join our family. We had decided to visit several breeders, since we had read that that was the way to do it, and we first visited a breeder living in Stockholm who had kittens for sale. She had several kittens, but only one non-booked, a tiny, little tortie. So much for our decision to visit several breeders... how could we leave without booking her? Impossible, and a few weeks later we picked her up. And so began our life with Emma, as we named her, and so began Emma's life as a dog. We brought her along any place our dog Mimmi was brought along, when visiting friends and family, on walks, in short everywhere... Slowly we began to realise that Emma was a cat and not a dog, and that cats were supposed to stay at home all days. So we got her a catfriend and she was staying home, like a normal cat. Emma is a really nice cat, but with a temper though. She does not hesitate to tell insubordinate dogs to stay in place, and she seems to be the boss of all the cats (all cats are the bosses of the dogs, but that goes without saying) even though being a neuter. One of her dearest favourite places is the breadbasket, although she grew out of it years ago.